The Teachers' Page
Teacher notes and class worksheets

The activities are designed for and have been used extensively with children aged 11 to 13 but can be adapted higher or lower as appropriate.

The teacher notes are not syllabus or country-specific but aim to give practical advice based on experience of delivering these activities.

6801 Puzzle Sheet 1
pupil worksheet

Randomness Sheet 2
pupil worksheet

6801 Activity
Teacher notes

Randomness Sheet 1
coin activity pupil worksheet

Randomness Sheet 2
dice activity pupil worksheet

Randomness Activity
Teacher notes

Probability Questions Booklet
exam-style questions with dice and coins
best double sided or as a booklet

The Coin Thing
instructions for web-based activity

3D Shapes Activity
Teacher notes

Yangma Sheet 1
pupil worksheet

Yangma Sheet 2
pupil worksheet

Stella Octangula
pupil worksheet

Tables Based Starter
Lesson starter exploring arithmetic understanding

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