The Singing Hedgehog Guide to:

Revision and Exams

Know what you need to know

Topic guide - find it, secure it, read it, ask about it

Weak areas – find them, don’t hide them do something about them

Strong areas – don’t ignore them, welcome familiar questions

Practise what you need to know

Best practice - work as if it is the real thing, layout, full working

Quality vs quantity – variety of sources, questions that are sufficiently challenging

Use of support when stuck – blind copying is not learning, highlight where you had help, help your teacher to help you

 Use what you know you know

If in doubt, do some maths

Find the maths amongst the distractions

Look for cue words

Break the question down into simpler tasks

Don’t worry about tricky bits until you get to them

Look out for separate sub-questions


Use your time wisely

Use the marks to tell you how long to take

Have a good go but don’t waste time

Do you understand/need to do the question?

Have you answered the actual question?

Check: common mistakes; Numbers, Process, Maths

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